Top Ten Tips to Help Keep Your Ferret Happy and Healthy

  1. Feed your ferret a premium ferret or premium kitten food (only if ferret food is not available).  Make sure the food you choose contains at least 34% protein and less than 2% fiber.  Make sure that meat is the first ingredient on the list of ingredients on the back of the bag.  Avoid any ferret foods that contain dried fruits and vegetables.  Remember, ferrets are strict carnivores!  Suggestions:  Totally Ferret, Zupreem, Iams Kitten, Eukanuba Kitten.

  2. Give your ferret meat based treats or fatty acid supplements as treats.   Give your ferret cooked chicken, chicken or turkey baby food, chicken livers, cooked egg,  and chicken or turkey flavored cat or ferret treats.  Avoid giving your ferret fruits and raw vegetables as treats.  A raison a day won't hurt your ferret, however raisons provide no nutrients for your ferret (and they contain sugar).  Raw vegetables can cause intestinal blockages in ferrets.   Remember, ferrets do not have a cecum and cannot digest vegetable matter.

  3. Give your ferret a one-half inch ribbon of hairball remedy a few times a week during non-shedding seasons, and a one inch ribbon daily during shedding season.  Be sure to give your ferrets the hairball treatment at least one hour after they eat.  Don't give your ferret hairball remedy right before he or she eats a meal.  Remember, hairballs can and do cause stomach and intestinal blockages in ferrets.  They can't cough up hairballs in the same way cats do.

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